Kolder Canada



For over 40 years, Kolder Canada has cultivated a successful national network of key retail and wholesale partners through a commitment to excellence in service to the customer and best in class representation.
People do make the difference.  The Kolder Canada team is unified in our mandate and commitment to growth of market share for our manufacturers and our retail partners.

Our territory managers who are positioned in the core markets across Canada have an average of 20 + years’ experience in brand development.  Knowledge and commitment is key to forging the most effective path to success.

Our team is proud of the many "Sales Agency of the Year" and for the individual Kolder Canada sales rep awards.

Our head office delvers effective training of our team so that there is uniformity of goals and that our team delivers the required level of service for key customers and our valued suppliers.

Canada is a unique and growing market opportunity with a solid economy and enviable record of financial stability.

It takes a team of experienced and dedicated associates to ensure profitable growth.  Kolder's 40+ years of service across Canada ensures the opportunity for growth for our partners in Canada.